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When emigrating from the UK to a new country, successful integration into the new ways of life of your adopted country can often dictate how easy or difficult it is to find work, form new relationships and friendships and even be able to communicate on a daily basis.

In the case of English nationals moving to Spain, integration and the taking on and acceptance of the Spanish lifestyle and everything from Spanish bureaucracy and red tape to the phenomena that is Spanish tapas and more can be the difference between getting to grips with Spanish life or conforming to the less than attractive stereotype of the Englishman in Spain. Programmes such as Benidorm on UK TV do little to fuel the stereotype of the Englishman on holiday in a Spanish resort in Benidorm surrounded by a bubble of home comforts from the UK whilst enjoying the Spanish sunshine.

An article published this week in The Telegraph newspaper entitled “Most Brits in Spain say no gracias to integration” has taken a look at how this stereotype is not just limited to holidaymakers but also affects those who have relocated to Spain and who make just as little effort to accept Spanish ways and customs.

There is a huge ex-pat population in Spain and by extension, there are certain areas that are known for having a particularly high proportion of ex-pats and areas such as Benidorm could be considered one of them. The Telegraph article outlines how many ex-pats make no effort to integrate fully when living in Spain and much of this is due to the fact that these days, the international community is incredibly well catered for in Spain. In certain tourist hot spots you will always find a supermarket selling English produce, English fish and chip shops, a newsagent selling English paper and you will also find it easy enough to watch only Satellite TV and English programmes. As a result, it is easy to see that complete integration including learning the Spanish language etc. is not always seen as a priority for the English!

As the article also mentions though, this is not the case with all ex-pats in Spain. Many do learn the language and fully embrace Spanish life and the culture and accept that just because things are done differently in Spain does not mean they are necessarily the wrong way of doing things.

Living somewhere a little outside of the tourist hot spots for example, a little inland of the Costa del Sol or in a town outside of Benidorm could be the perfect solution to finding a small slice of Spanish life whilst also being within comfortable reach of the familiarity of everything the UK has to offer in some areas.

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