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We’ve just watched a really amusing YouTube video from Neo Properties – an Australian real estate agent. On one level the video is a property listing video that gives an overview of the property for sale, it takes a look at the floor plans and tells you where to get more information about the property.On another level though the video may as well be a lingerie advert!

With several very scantily clad women seductively posing around the property, including one tied up to a chair who manages to make an emergency call as various men in balaclavas attempt to come and rescue her, the property is almost secondary to the rescue attempt. If asked to describe the property having watched the video, no one could fail to use words such as “sexy”, “contemporary”, “modern” purely drawn on the association of the women in the video.

Watch the video yourselves;

Let us know your thoughts!


Does Sex Sell Property?

These days there are many products and services that are sold using some sexual angle in the marketing tactics. Adverts for women’s razor blades nearly always feature a pretty model with lengthy bronzed legs and you’re not likely to see the “before” pictures when she was actually in need of a shave. Ice cream adverts may feature lots of images of mouths with tongues seductively licking lips rather than toddlers with half of it on their t-shirts and so on and so on. Why then has this video polarised the real estate industry? Are we looking at the marketing methods of the future or should property listings videos have a greater proportion of close-ups of the actual property to the number that zoom in on a semi-naked model?

It remains to be seen!


Property Point Marbella

Property Point Marbella are one of the top Marbella real estate agents on the Costa del Sol. While our property listing videos haven’t quite yet pushed the boundaries as much as the one above, we are aware of the acute need to keep one step ahead of the competition when it comes to selling property in Marbella.

We pride ourselves on having a professional sales team who are always adopting new ways and methods of dealing with clients interested in buying Marbella property to ensure that we are constantly evolving and developing within the real estate industry on the Costa del Sol. Our aim is to quickly establish a rapport with a client to get to know their needs and demands of a property in or around the Marbella area to be able to show them a short list of properties that fit their requirements exactly.

Contact Paul O’Mahoney and the team today on (+34) 951 254 144 or email us on [email protected] for information on our latest listings or to find out about listing your property with us.